Alonso Effects Vol. 1

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The Alonso Effects series kicks off with an extensive library of ready-to-use designed sound effects. Choose from a huge arsenal of powerful uplifters, sub-rattling impacts, thunderous reverb kicks, whole ambiences, luscious sweeps, intricate FX Loops and so much more to equip your new tracks with the right sounds to make it sound complete. Only the finest, most usable sound effects were meticulously edited and selected for release. Whether you are adding finishing touches to your musical piece or if you’re involved with any aspect of post-production, AFX Vol. 1 is for you.

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Alonso Effects Vol. 1 Specs:

Library Categories:

AFX1 Atmosphere [75]
AFX1 Downlifters [45]
AFX1 FX Loops [65]
AFX1 Impacts [205]
AFX1 Reverb Kicks [125]
AFX1 Reverse Impacts [85]
AFX1 Sub Impacts [120]
AFX1 Misc FX [50]
AFX1 Reverb Perc [65]
AFX1 Reverse Crash [50]
AFX1 Reverse FX [45]
AFX1 Tape Stop FX [35]
AFX1 Uplifters [30]
  • 995 sounds; from the archives of Adam Alonso
  • Library is sorted within categories for easy navigation
  • All loops are tempo synched at 128bpm
  • Uplifters/Downlifters/Reverse FX sorted by bar length (1/2/4/8)
  • Format(s): 44.1Khz / 24Bit Stereo PCM .wav files
  • Approx. 2.06 GB installed / Approx. 1.22 GB .rar download from cloudserver system