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Alonso Club Fills Vol. 1

Price: $89

Also available in our Complete Library Collection!

The first installment of the Alonso Club Fills series contains those small nuances that make a track feel and sound complete. From Drum Rolls, to Tonal Risers, to DubWobbels, to One Hitters; our Club Fills. Vol. 1 will give your productions a polished and refined professional edge.

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Alonso Club Fills Vol. 1 Specs:

Library Categories:

ACF1 Drum Fills [25]
ACF1 Drum Midi [35]
ACF1 Drum Rolls [31]
ACF1 DubWobbles [180]
ACF1 Misc Fills [8]
ACF1 One Hit Tools [58]
ACF1 Tonal Risers [100]
ACF1 White Noise [12]
  • 458 sounds; from the archives of Adam Alonso
  • Library is sorted within categories for easy navigation
  • All loops are tempo synched at 128bpm and all melodic loops specify the exact root key
  • Format(s): 44.1Khz / 24Bit Stereo PCM .wav files
  • Approx. 760 MB installed / Approx. 618 MB .rar download from cloudserver system